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Permission to Post

Hey, do you mind sharing a favorite pet shot with us from our recent photo shoot?  MBF photography would like to use your favorite pet shot for promotional purposes either through our social media platforms and/or on our website gallery.

Authorization Instructions:

Copy the entire bold print text below.  Then, click on the image to the left to open up the email window.  Paste the copied text into the body of the email.  Include your full legal name, your pets' name and your telephone number into the subject line. (e.g Judy Johnson, pet Max, 555-222-3434)  Lastly, attach your favorite picture from the photo shoot and send it off to us.  We would love to include your shot among the many others. Thanks!

"I hereby give full authorization/permission for MBF photography to include my attached photo in their advertising. Sending this email serves as my digital signature and provides full authorization to use the attached photo as needed."